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Engaged Sweeper
Hello everyone,

is there any option to set or to change the file name of the function "Export to" e.g. Excel?
In the build-in Reports there is an aptly name like "web40repADusernoemail.xls" which is OK, but in custom reports the name of the file is like "web50rep8a78b445d9834f5fbccd10b3f1410acf.xls" which means nothing.

If I manually use the "Export to" function it is not so critical, because I can rename the file directly. If I want to configure the e-mail/export function for e.g. CFO/CEO thats not a solution.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Engaged Sweeper II

is there any update on this?


Lansweeper Alumni
We received and answered this question via email. For everyone else's benefit, I'm pasting the reply we sent via email below.
Thank you for your email.

What you would like to do is not currently possible unfortunately. When you add a custom report to your database, a random internal name is assigned to the report by your database server. It's this internal name (and not the display name of the report in the Reports tab of the Lansweeper console) that is then used as the file name of the report for manual exports and email alerts. As several customers have requested that we use display names as file names, we will likely change this behavior in a future release, but we unfortunately do not have an estimated release date for this change at this time.

Theoretically, you could change the internal names of the reports directly in your database to something other than a random string, but this is not something we can provide instructions or support for.