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Engaged Sweeper III
I would like to see some features:

1. Assign ticket to named 3rd party (3rd party as agent) and set ticket status to "Assigned to 3rd party".
2. Forward ticket to assigned 3rd party. Something like ticket export via email including ticket content, not only link to Lansweeper ticket. Should have possibility to adjust ticket header/subject line to match 3rd party requirements.
3. Export ticket with content as PDF or CSV.

We use a lot outsourced services, each having their own help desk solution. In some cases issue is related to 3rd party services, but employees contact internal support by mistake and we need to forward information. Plus we have cases where internal support helps employees with ticket creation or internal support adds information to request before ticket is submitted 3rd party.
Engaged Sweeper III
As we are using LanSweeper helpdesk for our HR dept, we also need the option to export out a sinlge ticket so that information can be send to legal other people.