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Engaged Sweeper II
In our current environment, when a specific ticket type is created it requires and approval. I am not finding a way to require an approval. Our current system will send out an email to the approver and the ticket basically cant be closed until then (nor should it be worked on). How do I go about doing this in Lansweeper Help Desk.
Lansweeper Alumni
There is no specific approval feature in the help desk at the moment. This feature is on our customer wish list, but we do not have an estimated release date for it unfortunately. You can create an approval checkbox with the custom ticket field feature, but there is no way to prevent agents from editing the ticket until the checkbox is ticked.

I would recommend sending any further 6.0 related questions to and including "beta" in the title of your message. We haven't officially released 6.0 yet, so we're mostly answering questions via email.