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Resolved! Internal Aircards

Does lansweeper have the ability to scan and report the internal Aircard from a laptop/Tablet? Like pulling SIM ID, Phone Number, and IMEI.

acano by Engaged Sweeper II
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Last logon user on Apple Computers

Hi,It is possible to saw which user was logon on Mac OS machines ?At the moment we have at company about 400 Apple computers (Mac OS 10.12.5) who are in a corporate domain (Active Directory) and users working only using domain accounts. When They log...

Last User information for MAC

I'm using Lsagent to scan and get inventory for our MAC computers, but I realized it doesn't bring me the Last user information, even though we are using AD based users.Is there a way I can retrieve this information? MAC:WIN:

roberto_m by Engaged Sweeper III
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Incorporate Windows update management

Would it be possible to incorporate Windows update management within Lansweeper? being able to target specific machines or groups from within LS would be superb and it would be great to move away from WSUS altogether!

Update inventory through Barcode Scanner

Hi Team,We need to know whether can we be able to update the Lansweeper inventory through barcode scanner.reason being we need to have details like headphones, keyboard, mouse, cables etc. in our existing inventory to be updated so that it matches to...

atul557 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Printing/Storing Knowledge Base Articles

Folks,This knowledgebase is truly a font of knowledge, advice, tips and tricks, etc. However, I am fond of saving special web pages in document form for printing,annotating, and for use in my own documents for my team. However, printing the articles ...

pgodfrin by Engaged Sweeper II
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Show Ping status in Location

We created several Locations for our offices where we put all PCs that are used in there to the location.Sometimes we need to get an overview of running PCs and their position.In Reports there is an option to Ping Assets so the ping status is display...

Arber by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows Activation Report

Is there a way or an existing report than can identify Windows machines where the license key has not been activated?We have an automated script for deployment that does the activation, but it would be nice to have a report to quickly identify machin...

vmathur by Engaged Sweeper II
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