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Champion Sweeper
A feature that could be handy in Lansweeper is to have a way to manage our IP subnet information from right from the web interface.

The basic idea would be to add functionality to manage subnet and IP ranges that we use on our network and be able to record static IP assignments for devices, add notes to them etc... We don't track our DHCP ranges that way but we do use an old system to track our static ranges for all of our various vlans. To take it further if Lansweeper is talking to a device on one of those IP's make it click-able to go straight to the asset. Then perhaps there could be a report for statically assigned IP's that have not been contacted in x number of days. That would be useful to find IP's that are marked as in use but actually are not.

Our system right now requires a manual audit and there are always IP's marked as used but the devices are long gone.
Champion Sweeper
Go on then...
Lansweeper Alumni
We have added this feature request to our customer wish list.