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Engaged Sweeper


I was very excited to see the JSM asset integration with Lansweeper. If this works properly, it will be a huge benefit for us as we are currently looking into switching our ITSM to Jira.

Unfortunately the sync does not work. Only a part of our assets are synced and all syncs have the status "failed"

The logs show the following error over and over again:

ERROR	2023-07-26T10:42:49.171Z 2.1.0 ari‌‌jira::site/*** *** assets-resolvers core:function Error occurred in get assets resolver. Reason:  The maximum payload size is 200KB.


Any hints? Looks like a lansweeper api restriction to me.

Engaged Sweeper

Has anyone found out an answer to this?  

Only in parts. I was told that removing the FQDN field would reduce the payload. In fact, there was a reduction in payload after removing this field. However, now the number of assets in the CMDB is increasing every day, I still haven't managed to get 100% of the assets mapped. They later returned my support case stating that a new application update would be released.

Thanks Marcos, I found that same answer on Jira's forums.  I tried what you suggested and it still will not pull anything in.  Not sure what to do at this point, except for wait I guess.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hey @dtazz unfortunately there is no workaround. As @marcos_asilva mentioned removing FQDN did not work completely. We did some progress and I will be reviewing a solution next week but I cannot give you a release date now. Atlassian will still need to review our app and it can also take some time.  I hope that it will be soon. 

Engaged Sweeper II

Has a root cause/solution been found for this? 

I'm seeing the same behaviour when we enable multiple Asset types that contain a fair amount of devices

Engaged Sweeper

Hi Martin, thx for the response. I'll open a case and will update this post with the result, when we have one 🙂


Were you able to resolve this issue?

I'm dealing with this same problem. If you managed to solve it, can you please share it with me so that I can apply the solution you found?

Hi @marcos_asilva

our dev team is currently talking to @svt.. I will update this post if there is a generic solution. It might be helpful to create a Lansweeper support ticket to keep you in a loop directly.