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Engaged Sweeper
Is it possible to alert a group of individuals via email when a new asset is add to a location? We are trying to find a way to track when a device is moved to a different area to keep printer mapping updated and correct as our software is all setup by location. We have many different remote sites and over 7,000 pcs, so any feature that Lansweeper might have to help track equipment movement would greatly help.
Lansweeper Alumni
Interesting question, but currently not possible to track using Lansweeper we guess. You could add a report to the e-mail alerts to be sent (daily or weekly) and check for changes in IP address or Location using the functions in Excel.
Other options (like creating a trigger that saves a record when an IP address of an asset changes) probably are much better, but we can't help you with this being outside the scope or Lansweeper support. We have added this to the future wish list. A Lansweeper feature for this should be possible.