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Engaged Sweeper

Is it possible to configure LSAgent to register assets directly to LanSweeper Cloud?  I have mobile systems that are unlikely to be picked up by IP-range or AD scans.  I want those assets to be visible in my inventory and to be flagged for missing patches & updates.

I believe there's a way to link a local LanSweeper with a cloud instance.  Do I need to install LSAgent and relay those assets through a local LanSweeper?  Is this the only way to accomplish what I need to do?

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

Currently, your LsAgent clients will indeed need to send the scanned data to an on-prem scanning server first. This scanned data can be sent directly to the on-prem scanning server or by using the Lansweeper relay server.

Our product and development teams are working very hard on an agent that will be able to send the data directly to the Lansweeper cloud platform though.