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Engaged Sweeper
I'm trying to track license info for software installed on Macs but the software licensing component seems to only include windows endpoints. Is this something that can be enabled?
Lansweeper Alumni
Mac software is scanned, but cannot be managed through the software license compliance module, which currently only supports Windows computers. Mac support for the compliance module is on the wish list, but we do not have a release date for this feature unfortunately. Depending on what you are trying to do, you could potentially build a report that lists the information you are after. A basic Mac software report was posted here. You could write your license counts into the query to calculate compliance that way.

Scanning of Mac logs has been added to the wish list as well, but there's no release date for this feature at this time.
Engaged Sweeper II
Has there been any updates on mac support for software, event logs, etc?
Lansweeper Alumni
Mac computers can be scanned, but the license compliance modules only support Windows operating systems and software for now. Mac support is on our customer wish list, but we do not have a release date for this feature.