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Engaged Sweeper

I've searched over the forums and found that some users were asking doubts regarding a feature or a way to track down MS Windows Server User CAL Licensing in use, as it does with OS and softwares, but those questions precede four years ago. I'd like to know if this feature is already available withing the current version of LanSweeper, considering it was on Lansweeper Wishlist, and if not, is there any release date or plans to implement the feature?
Also I'd like to know if anybody has come with an "alternative way" to do the counting inside Lansweeper or at least keep track of it.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Unfortunately, it is not yet available. We've got a big list of all the things people have asked to scan form Windows assets. I'll add your topic to the feature request specific to the feature for scanning CAL licenses. As for a release date. I don't think it will be in our next big release. So it won't be implemented in the short term.