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Engaged Sweeper
I love this product but I find the navigation from asset to asset to be a bit clunky.

I would love to see either a "Next" or "Previous" option available when looking at an Asset to go to the next Asset or return to a previous asset without having to load the asset page each time.


Even better would be a static left page with a list of all assets than we could simply click on the asset name in order to review each asset in the list.. without having to reload the asset list.

I hope this makes sense, it is the one area I find the most frustrating..
Engaged Sweeper
Great tip, but still a bit of a pain. Sometimes I am looking at all or most of the assets listed and it would just be so nice to not have to remember to ctrl + or continuously reload the asset page..
Champion Sweeper III
When I want to look at assets in a report I CTRL click to open them in a new tab.
Maybe you can use this workaround.

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