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Engaged Sweeper

We are currently in trial.  In the tutorials on YouTube, it shows the patch status column with color coded status of each machine asset.  I cannot get this to appear on my instance anywhere in cloud or on prem.  How do I enable/find this? 



Engaged Sweeper

On the "Microsoft May 2023 Patch Tuesday Audit" report at LS Cloud, I can't find the column " patch status". Any idea why?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@skro thanks for reaching out to the Community let us know if the suggestions helped and 'accept as solution' if relevant, thank you  @rom  and @vqT4cDoP9iXyMZw 

Champion Sweeper

One other suggestion, if you're still digging:

This is a custom report published by Lansweeper monthly (as the query for the named KBs changes).   Look here for the current monthly patch report query:

Then in the console navigate to Reports > Create new report, then paste the query and Save & Run giving it a name of your choosing.  See for further details.

Champion Sweeper III

I'm pretty sure you just have to name the column 'backgroundcolor' to apply it to the whole row.  Unfortunately there isn't one that applies it only to a field.  Here's an example:

    When tblErrors.ErrorText Is Not Null Or
      tblErrors.ErrorText != '' Then '#ffadad'
    Else '#ffffff'
  End As backgroundcolor