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Engaged Sweeper III
I've asked for this a long time ago and I'm asking it again. Help reduce the display of useless software. At our company, we are 100 employees and have 150 servers. According to Lansweeper, we have over 2000 software/versions installed and over 700 Software Publishers. As an IT manager, I'm interested in viewing probably less than 50 Software Publishers. This can be done by applying default filter templates when new publishers or new versions of software is discovered. Don't get me wrong...all software publishers and versions should be recorded and tracked as it is now, but the viewing of them on the dashboard and software tab should be a subset of the entire list.

When new software is discovered, their should be an administrator tab that would allow an admin to toggle the "Display" property of this particular software/version. Lansweeper should also realize that if the display property of the previous version of the same software was toggled OFF, then this new version should inherit the same value.

As for using the Software tab, there should be a pull down option at the top where an administrator can select the following options: View=All, View=Displayed, View=NotDisplayed. The default option should be either "setable" by the administrator or View=Displayed.

I would also like to see newly discovered Software Publishers and newly discovered software (not a new version) be highlighted in a color like green based on a setable value by the admin. This value should have a default value of 30 days. This would make it easy for an admin to quickly spot new software on their network.

Champion Sweeper
I 100% agree with this.

It would make software audits so much easier.

Please Lansweeper folks, implement this ASAP!