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Champion Sweeper II
Enhance deployment module with permission management. For example I don't want certain users to deploy certain packages and certain users to be able to modify packages but have permissions to deploy. Also want to lock out certain users from creating packages but allow them to be able deploy to certain assets. Hope this would get implemented in future versions.

Engaged Sweeper III
I too wonder if this is a feature that the LanSweeper team plans to add in. We've used LanSweeper for many years and love all of then new features. However, some granular control over the Deployment section is definitely necessary. Individual package permissions many take longer to add from a programming standpoint, so to begin with, can we at least set [Create / Modify / Deploy] permissions to the "Deployment" tab itself? That way those who simply need to Deploy a package won't accidently disable/delete/modify the package(s).

Thank you for all that you do!
Lansweeper Alumni
I'll move this to the wish list section of the forum. At the moment, a user needs to be added to the Deployment role to be able to deploy packages. This role gives the user the ability to create, modify and deploy any package, on any asset. Restricting certain packages or assets or specifically restricting the ability to create or modify packages is not currently possible.