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Engaged Sweeper

Long time Lansweeper user here.😁

I moved to my current company two years ago and introduced the company to Lansweeper since I used Lansweeper at my previous company with great success.

Recently began deploying software using Lansweeper.

Fantastic, simple deployment setup!👍


However, I do have four suggestions or requests:


#1 Ability to copy individual / single package steps - helpful working on multiple packages and coping to other packages.

#2 Drag and Drop package steps - Currently adding a new step goes to bottom then you must move it up using arrows - add drag and drop?

#3 Ability to disable individual steps - helpful for testing purposes.

#4 Kill running deployment package(s) - Could be a difficult one, but would be nice just the same 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for your valuable feedback and suggestions  @MrRogers  there is always room for improvement 🙂   I’ll make sure to pass this along to our product team for their review