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Acer warranty scan

Hello,Is it possible to include Acer warranty details, mainly for PCs?The link for the site is " About Your System&Brand="Thank you in advance,Greg

gfunk1 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Image map section for devices physical locations

I would like to say I love LAN sweeper it has everything I want but one thing it can show me is where a device is located. What would be nice is to give users the functionality to upload floor plans and place computers un there right location. And ha...

bob_11 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Toshiba warranty scan

Hello,Is it possible to include Toshiba warranty details scan?The link for the site is,Paulo

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Perform Custom Actions On Assets In Report

Would be nice to have ability to call custom actions for all/selected assets. For instance, perform the WOL for all those assets in a report so I can turn them on for after hours maintenance. Would work similar to the scan all assets action.

dkhilo by Engaged Sweeper III
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please add support for choosing different color scheme themes. thank you.

ejensen by Engaged Sweeper III
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Show Custom Fields in Default Computer Report

Hello - I love the report button on computers as it allows me to print it off for meetings/discussions and to do side by side comparrisons, etc. It doesn't include the custom fields, though. Is there a way to edit the report that's generated with t...

Jono by Champion Sweeper II
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IP Scan List

Hi,Lansweeper is absolutely amazing and a life saver! Currently trying to get my manager to shell out for premium....!One thing that would be really handy is the ability to either:a) Include AD OU exclusions on IP scansb) Provide the ability to paste...

blighter by Engaged Sweeper III
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