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I am looking for some help in getting LANSweeper to pick up our Fortigate firewalls. We have 3 that I'm currently working with, there will be more later once I figure these three out. LS is giving me some basic info for one of the firewalls in our office, but nothing for the second one. It is also giving me nothing for the one in our data center. On one of the problem firewalls, the SNMP agent was off and no community string was set, so that (I thought) explained it, but that seemed to make no difference.

The end game here is that we will be hiring a consultant to run a high end scan on our environment, and I'm trying to use LS to make sure everything is scannable ahead of time to minimize the expense in hours. I'm no super concerned with what LS pulls back for these devices, getting accurate info would be nice, but if it can pick them up at all, the fancy scanner the consultant organization uses should also be able to grab them.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hi there!


These FortiGate firewalls should indeed be scanned with SNMP. 


As a starting point, I would review the Network device scanning requirements, double-checking if all the requirements are met on your network and the devices. 

Next, set up Lansweeper to scan your FortiGate firewalls: Scan a network device

Further, double-check if nothing is blocking traffic between your Lansweeper scanning service and the FortiGate FW you are trying to scan.


Lastly, go through the Troubleshoot SNMP scanning issues article to help narrow down the issue.

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