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Engaged Sweeper III

happy customer here, couldnt live without lansweeper anymore

maybe this is a simple request.

please provide a simple slim search form. (ala google)
and for example a searchprovider for internetexplorer.

is there a searchstring which i can use to search from the commandline?

please point my head into the right direction

thanks in advance

Engaged Sweeper III
if you create a cmd file in the %systemroot% named for example l.cmd and copy the following inside

start iexplore http://%lansweeperserver%/quicksearch.aspx?q=%1

you can search from the "run command" box with l computername

Engaged Sweeper III
exactly what i needed!

thank you, have a nice weekend
Lansweeper Alumni
You can make a search agent for Lansweeper in internet explorer.
1. You need to open internet explorer and go to this page to create a search engine:
2. On this page give to first field the following value=http://localhost:81/quicksearch.aspx?q=test and give the search engine a name
3. Now click on install and the search engine will be created.

Now you just have to configure the search engine that you just have created as standard search engine.

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