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Trigger an action, from an SNMP trap event.

EXAMPLE: We have routers set up at remote locations that do two things. One is they offload all internet traffic to a local provider, (keeping it off the corporate WAN and freeing up bandwidth), and Second, we set up a fail-over VPN tunnel. The VPN t...

IFIT by Engaged Sweeper III
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Help Desk - Our Wish List

Lansweeper Help Desk is an excellent choice for ticketing. It is not expensive, and it's pretty easy to use. I like the custom fields, and the configuration is pretty easy. Here are some improvements we'd like to see in future versions of the help ...

dpoll7428 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Rethinking Documentation - Using Asset Groups?

Documentation by server is handy, but we've recently been going to "system" documentation. System, defined in this context, as a collection of hardware, software, networking, and configuration to constitute a service.System documentation could inclu...

milpo2717 by Engaged Sweeper
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The ability to have more than one active state

Since most of the reports and filters in Lansweeper filter out states other than "Active", the state field basically is limited to one active state and multiple inactive states. I'd like to see the ability to configure states to include more than one...

lqstota by Engaged Sweeper
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WSUS updates pending overview

Hello support,I'd like to have a feature in LANsweeper which will show how many WSUS updates are still needed for a specific machine. (and if possible with an overview which updates still need to be installed). This information is available in WSUS i...

Arjan by Engaged Sweeper II
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Incorporate "DevAudit"

Dev audit is an excellent tool that can be used to scan installed software for vulnerabilities. Once installed it is run from the command line which would make it ideal to be built in to Lansweeper.more about vulnerabilities and install stuff here:h...

Flush DNS before scheduled or on demand scan

Often times I will see an asset show as green as if it is currently on the network, my DNS and DHCP configuratiosn for our domain are setup per best practices/optimum resolution and performance, yet lansweeper seems to hold onto stale resolutions way...