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Engaged Sweeper
We currently have some software, like SQL Server, that is licensed by processor, rather than by server. Would it be possible for Lansweeper to track licenses in use by physical CPUs where specified?
Engaged Sweeper
I'm needing badly this feature too.

One way could be in licensing software after the version field to have a processor field.

Something like

software | Version | Processor


Miguel Ângelo Saragoça Soares
Lansweeper Alumni
I'll add it to the wishlist, you can add comments how you think this should work.
Champion Sweeper
This really is an important point for enterprise users. Most, if not all, Enterprise Application licensing is applied on a per-Processor (Socket, Physical) bases. Most LOB applications, and tools such as monitoring, backup, System Management, and even the Windows OS Volume Licensing are generally licensed on a Per-Processor Licensing model for large enterprise environments. Although Lansweeper only accounts for a Perpetual/Retail licensing model, to get around this limitation, an extra effort is required to export data, and applying the proper costs points based on the CPU count from each server.
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