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Champion Sweeper
Not sure how feasible this is but I was thinking how cool it would to have something like Wakoopa to track software usage in our domain. One example of a handy use would be that we pushed out Firefox to all of our users with Group Policy late last year when one of Internet Explorer's big security holes was publicized. I think it would be interesting to see the current Firefox vs IE usage amongst our users. Of course a tracker like this could also be used for lots of "Big Brother" type stuff but I think it could be quite useful as well.

Again, it may be a bit much to ask for LANSweeper but thought I'd throw it out there.......
Champion Sweeper
Yeah, thats what I figured. I know that the Wakoopa agent is very very tiny. I'd have no issues with installing something like that on all my company computers.

Lansweeper Alumni
We are thinking about something similar but it will require an agent installed on the machine.