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Champion Sweeper
I have a mailbox set up ( that the Lansweeper Help Desk is configured to check for tickets. Occasionally an HR employee will e-mail the help desk with new employee notifications and they copy everyone else that needs to know about this new employee, which is sometimes up to 20 other people. I don't want those 20 people to be CC'd on the ticket that is created. How can I prevent this from happening? I now have to go in to the ticket and remove each CC'd person manually which can be quite a hassle.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I've moved this topic to the wishlist section and made sure this is in the list of feature requests.
Engaged Sweeper
Unfortunately, same problem here. Just started using the Helpdesk and employees are already complaining about responses being sent to CC users.
This should definitely be one the tick boxes in Preferences. Even something for each individual response to a single ticket, but default should not be "all CC Users Receive the Response"
Thanks guys!
Champion Sweeper
Hmm, are you the same one that told me that exporting tickets out of ZenDesk and importing them into Lansweeper was no big deal too?

Yeah, the method you gave me for removing CC users is better than the way I was doing it, but it's still a hassle. Just my two cents.

Thanks! (I'm still liking this new Help Desk by the way.)
Champion Sweeper III
There is currently no option to specifically prevent CC users to be added to a ticket.

However removing these users should not be such a big deal. When you're on the ticket simply press the Actions button, then select Users -> Remove CC user(s), then in the popup select all the CC users you want to remove.

Edit: Nope, different person The import feature has indeed caused us some headaches already.