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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

You are deploying to your assets, but some of the deployments fail with the error:

Preliminary checks failed. Task Registering Error. The task has been configured with an unsupported combination of account settings and run-time options. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80041314) Credential: (domain\username). ShareCredential: (uvmtest-win02\readonlyuser).

What went wrong? 

The Remote Scheduled Task needed to run the deployment cannot be created on the targeted device. 

Now what?

Below are some things you can check in trying to resolve the issue:

  • Check if the Remote Scheduled Tasks Management rule on the inbound rules of the firewall is set to allow inbound traffic. 
  • Check that the Task Scheduler service is running on the client machine.
  • Check that the Remote Registry service is running on the client machine.
  • Try to deploy the package under different Run Modes in Lansweeper (Scanning Credentials, Service Account, and Currently Logged On)
  • Try creating a scheduled task on the machine directly, using the same credentials that are used for the deployment of the package.

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