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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

You can keep up to date directly in your Lansweeper installation. 


  • Open your Lansweeper on-prem installation and navigate to the dashboard tab. 
  • Click the Add Widgets button and select RSS Reader and drag it to the dashboard. 


  • Go to the Quick Tech Solutions blog on our Community.
  • Click the Options menu on the right-hand side and select Subscribe to RSS feed. 
  • ErikT_2-1663251716933.png

    Copy the RSS feed URL from the Community page.


  • Paste the URL in the RSS Reader widget.
    • Select the number of posts to show.
    • Enter the refresh rate.
    • Select Titles only
  • Click Save Settings


Enjoy your new RSS feed and stay updated on new posts effortlessly


Free tip!

You can subscribe to any feed, topic, or blog available in our Community similarly!

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