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Assets Used by User

Somewhat new to Lansweeper & one thing I'm looking for is either a canned report (did not see one) or tables needed to build one that keeps a history of users (active/terminated)assets assigned/used by that individual. Simple example below.User: J S...

Server Info Report

I have an existing report to show all servers but it doesn't properly include any info about disks.Is there a Lansweeper report to include these?Total number of Servers by HostnameOS TypeDomainIP Address(s)Total Storage Disk Size Used in GB or GiB (l...

Xaerie by Engaged Sweeper
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Update existing Billing Report

Morning AllI have an existing report setup on lansweeper but i see any new vms added to the infrastructure does not reflect up on this report.- does lansweeper have a string for me that will auto update my report on any new vms?or is it static and re...

reporting on scheduled tasks

running LS version and I don't see a report on scheduled tasks. Wondering if LS scans those or not.I found a way to do a report in powershell but it would be cleaner and better in LANSweeper for sure.Here is the powershell[cmdletbinding()] ...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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multiple "where" operator

Hello,I'm trying to select only computers with specific names. My query is like this:select ...tablesFROM tblAssetsinner join inner joinWHERE (tblAsset.AssetName = '%AAA%' or tblAsset.AssetName = '%BBB%' or tblAsset.AssetName = '%BBB%') ..... I do 6 ...

laurentiun by Engaged Sweeper III
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Server Disk Usage

I have this report to show only servers, their domain, amount of disk storage being used in GB and GiB, and how much disk storage is available in GB and GiB. I'm having a difficult time getting it to calculate the total usage and capacity of all disk...

Xaerie by Engaged Sweeper
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