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Server uptime for all equipment

Hello,I'm trying to create a report where the total uptime for every piece of network equipment is listed. This includes Windows servers, virtual servers, Linux servers, WiFi devices, NAS, firewalls, switches, etc. In other words, everything except t...

dimi3 by Engaged Sweeper
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computer with any vulnerabilidad

Hello, On Risk Insights you can see the vulnerabilities, but you have to enter each vulnerability to see the affected computers. Any report that shows you the equipment with any vulnerability? Or being more precise: Any report that shows the computer...

Resolved! Complex Report on all Computers

Below are the fields I wish to report on. I have tried pulling these in from several different reports but my SQL knowledge is non-existent and all my reports have failed so far. Some of it is quite simple - other stuff I'm not sure if it's possible ...

Watoo by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Report - Chassis

Dear support, Could you please help us with the report bellow? I want to insert the field "chassis" into it: Select Top 1000000 tsysOS.Image As icon,  tblAssets.AssetID,  tsysOS.OSname,  tblAssets.AssetName,  tblAssets.Domain,  tblAssets.Username,  t...

Resolved! TblFloppyHist Status Definitions

In the table TblFloppyHist I'm looking for the definitions of the status values.  I'm pretty sure 1 = Add and 2 = Removed.  I do not know what status 3 means.

cscherrey by Engaged Sweeper III
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Reports > Changes by Type

I wanted to test the Changes by Type reports in Lansweeper.  I choose to test with the Processor report.  I initiated a baseline scan of a Dell Optiplex PC.  Once it completed, I swapped the processor, powered the PC back on and scanned again.The bas...

Chart: BIOS and Monitor Ages

LS has one powerful chart. It is line-diagram. It can show more than 2 column data.I have developed SQL-query for BIOS and Monitor Ages. It have to be used with this type chart.You should use report's name with prefix "Chart:".Chart: BIOS and Monitor...

Mister_Nobody_0-1706601149399.png Mister_Nobody_1-1706601243070.png

Hyper-V Generation #

I'm building a report to display Hyper-V Generation, Memory, CPU count and Original Backup Method to recreate a new baseline Hyper-V starting print for restores. However I cannot find any reference to Hyper-V's Generation parameter in the database do...

rader by Champion Sweeper III
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