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Integrating Lansweeper with Global platform

Hi Team,I am working on a project where I have to integrate all the lansweeper instances from our global infrastructure to the central platform which is Elastic search. So, I know we can export data out of lansweeper SQL compact DB in the form of rep...

Sonia by Engaged Sweeper
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Patch tuesday report April, computers not up to date

Hi,After moving my lansweeper from SQL Compact to SQL express there are 4 assets that are not up to date according to the report. When looking in Windows there those computers are up to date.It is 3 Windows 10 1809 and one Windows Server 2016 1603. A...

Johnny by Engaged Sweeper II
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Windows Domain Overview report

I have been looking through some of the canned reports, but would like to be able to customize a report similar to the "Windows Domain Overview" widget, and the detailed report shown when a domain is clicked on within the widget.Thanks.

TekTok by Engaged Sweeper II
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Hard Drive Report

I would like to pull a Hard Drive Report which would allow me to see the manufacture date as well as the model and size and whether it's a SATA or SSD drive. I am trying to determine which drives are the oldest and replace them with SSD over time... ...

SecqureIT by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! PC Age

From one of the built-in reports, I created a simple report that gives me basic info about a filtered set of computers from our Lansweeper DB. I'd like to add a column that shows the current age of each computer in years (to one decimal place). I wan...

wdillner by Engaged Sweeper II
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Report CPU-,Memory-,Disk-,Network-performance

Hi,The report Top 5 CPU utilization gives a list of the top 5 assets which have the highest CPU usage.I'd like to add Memory-,Disk- and Network-Usage to the report and also expand the list to show all assets.I don't have much experience in creating r...

juergenD by Engaged Sweeper
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