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Helpdesk Tickets by AD "Department"

Looking to make a report that gives me a total number of tickets by department (tblADusers).I've been able to build something *sorta* like what I want. It groups the Departments together, and gives me a count of the tickets, but the count is super h...

Resolved! Include blank ticket field values in Helpdesk report

When creating a Helpdesk Report like the one below, what changes would need to be made to include tickets that may not have all the fields filled in yet? But I still want those tickets included in the report.So if my ticket has a value in 'SerialNum...

harringg by Champion Sweeper
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Helpdesk report - subcategory

Hello all,We are trying to get a new report to work to show our helpdesk tickets.Information we're trying to get out is as follows.- Ticket ID- Subject- Date of creation- Date of closure- Calculation of the time passed between creation and closure.- ...

ArjanvA by Engaged Sweeper
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Helpdesk report-no results

Trying to figure out why a Helpdesk ticket report (written like all others) is returning no value.I've got a Helpdesk ticket with the following fields, and they are populated in the closed ticket.The report compiles fine, but gives no data.Select Dis...

harringg by Champion Sweeper
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SLA Breach Report

Good day!I have modified the built-in Open Tickets with SLA overtime and removed a few fields. The report is only showing tickets that have their initial response time breached. How can I create a new report that will show tickets that have breache...

JTempleton by Engaged Sweeper III
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Report to Generate Desktop / Laptop Warranty Status

Hi,May I request for report to generate the following details? Thanks for your usual assistance.DesktopOut of WarrantyUnder WarrantyLaptopOut of WarrantyUnder WarrantyOrDesktopMore than 48 MonthsLess than 48 MonthsLaptopMore than 48 MonthsLess than 4...

Champ14 by Engaged Sweeper II
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