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Resolved! Unauthorized Administrators report issue

This is regarding the "Unauthorized administrators" report.I have gone through my workstations and removed users that were originally in the "Administrators" group.However, the "Unauthorized administrators" report still shows some users in the admini...

tgas by Engaged Sweeper II
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BootTime != LastSeen

Dear Lansweeper community,I have been developing a rather complex compliancy dashboard, to display computers that fail on a number of different compliancy checks, and show these on a dashboard in different colours. Everything is working perfectly exc...

TomFox by Engaged Sweeper II
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Lansweeper new software discover

https://www.lansweeper.com/pro-tips/new-software-discovered/Did someone notice this reporting query to discover software is no longer working? I am seeing in the reports known software seen already and it is saying its newly discovered.

Amador by Engaged Sweeper
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Workstation Hardware & Software Audit

Hello -I am currently trying to complete an audit on a number of domain workstations, ideally a particular group (IP Location) of computers however I have not yet specified a value for the IP location but yet still i get no results at all.Below is wh...

Updated - Asset Relations Report Assistance

Good Morning. I created a custom report to track our computer refresh by using a custom field for replacement year. This works great for us but an issue that we have run into is that the report pulls last user and not the asset relation to a user. I ...

rcamron by Engaged Sweeper II
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Users: Logins into the Lansweeper web console (Built-in)

Added in v.6.0.100The report below lists the logins that were made to the Lansweeper webconsole and whether they were successful or not.Select Top 1000000 tblLoginLog.Date As LoginDate, Case tblLoginLog.Success When 1 Then 'yes' When 0 Then 'no' En...

Nick_VDB by Champion Sweeper III
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User report want to add last logged on computer

So far I have this basic report that shows user information, all I'm missing is the last computer used/logged on for the userSelect Top 1000000 tblADusers.Username, tblADusers.Userdomain, SubQuery1.Lastlogon, SubQuery1.DaysSinceLogon, tblADusers....

kbek by Engaged Sweeper II
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