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New Warranty report which includes Device Location

Hi,I am trying to create a report that shows assets that are out of warranty by a set time.  I have modified a previous report that I found to include the Asset Location The Asset location is set here for each asset Sometimes there is an asset which ...

Report.jpg location.jpg Location Missing.jpg

Solftware Installed by member of AD Group

Hello, I need a report that tells me which users of a certain AD GROUP have installed or updated software on their computers in the last 15 days. I tried everything, I tried to combine reports and I can't make it work at all... can anyone help me? ...

Uptime Report duplicate powerstates

Hi lansweeper community,I've a little report problem I hope you can help me with.I want to create a report to get the uptime stats for some assets.For this I've created a report to get the eventtype changes together with the eventtime.The actual repo...

INNO-IT by Engaged Sweeper II
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AD group filter

I need a report that only shows computers in the AD group "Enrich Software Install"And I need columns for the first and last name of the last user that signed in.I also need a column for an asset tag.I've been at this for a solid hour and I'm not get...

Network Login

Is there a report that will give the below information?User IDComputerDateTimeSuccessful LoginDenied LoginLocked AccountLogged in locallyLogged in remotely

kgraham by Engaged Sweeper
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Duplicate User Accounts of Reporting CPlogoninfo Times

Hi,i use the following report to get the user name and logontime of assets.Select Top 1000000 tblassets.AssetID, tblassets.AssetName, tblCPlogoninfo.logontime, tblCPlogoninfo.UsernameFrom tblassets Inner Join lansweeperdb.dbo.tblCPlogoninfo On tb...

daigls by Engaged Sweeper III
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Ticket report on custom field "System Impacted"

I'm trying to generate a report in LS Helpdesk which shows all tickets opened, along with date opened, assigned agent, agent team, Ticket Type, and a custom field called "System Impacted"I can get everything except for "System Impacted". I can't see...

pryan67 by Champion Sweeper II
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Resolved! Assistance With AV & Bitlocker Report

Hey Guy's,First off, thank you for the help I have a little urgent request that I am struggling with looking at some of the existing reports.I need a report that shows the current BitLocker Status on C: Eg Off/On and also Antivirus Status. We are cu...

History of relationship between pc and monitor

hello,With the pandemic, employees have taken computer equipment including monitors without notifying the IT department. We would like to have information about the peripherals connected to the computers when they are used while teleworking. I would...

hfaddy by Engaged Sweeper
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