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Looking some help with SQL

I want to delete the Renamed ITORG\SSW0820\1 to BUFFALO\SSW0820\1 comments that are generated when computers are rename. I have a query, but I do not know how to delete the comments. any help would be greatSelect Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID, tbl...

Richard_A by Engaged Sweeper II
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Report showing only Wi-Fi Devices and MAC addresses

Is there a way to report which devices in Lansweeper have Wi-Fi adapters and show what their Wi-Fi MAC addresses are? This would include Windows, Mac, printers, smartTVs, or anything in Lansweeper that uses Wi-Fi. If that's not possible, is there a w...

Resolved! Tweak LanSweepers Bios Version Audit to show Last Seen

Hello everybody... I need some help here. cannot figure out why it wont let me add Last Seen to the report. It keeps giving me an error "All queries combined using a UNION, INTERSECT or EXCEPT ope...

Tythesly by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Patch Volume Across Fleet

Hi, I can't work out how to create a report for the number of patches applied over the past year. This is just a calculation of applied patches on all Windows systems.Any thoughts?Appreciate the help!Darren

Report of list of assets

Hello!i want to create a report with a list of assets that are not servers nor workstations(only laptops) and that have e.g a java version lower than 291 It has to include the list of assets (hostname, user that uses that machine).Is posible to av...

Get value from Combo Box

New to Lansweeper and need to create a report for tickets that show Assigned Agent, County Department (that end user selected), and Time Worked from the notes. Everything I need is working except for the County Department. I cannot figure out how to ...

acasper by Engaged Sweeper II
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SCAP Reporting

As part of NIST compliance, our company has needed to run SCAP Compliance reports for a while now. From what I can tell, LanSweeper is already pulling all of the same required data for these reports. I would love for these to be able to be done rig...