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External USB Drives Report

Does anybody know how I would add to this report for it to identify if the USB drive was encrypted or not? I know there is another report for Encrypted Volumes which has this information so I'm guessing it can be done, I just don't know how.

Todd by Engaged Sweeper III
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Physical Host - Virtual Guest Mapping with additional Info

Hi,Searching for report allow to map Virtual Servers to physical Hosts:- Virtual Server name (incl. OS Edition & Version)- Server Farm name (optional: incl.. Info about Status y/n for DRS, HA, V-Motion)- Physical Host (incl. Hypervisor manufacture) H...

Male by Engaged Sweeper
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Report on Specific list of Workstations

I have a list that we pulled out of azure with hostnames, and I have created a comma separated list in hopes of being able to plug this list into a query here and generate the data needed. For us we are only wanting to capture the Model/OS/OS Version...

mmeetze by Engaged Sweeper III
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External Monitor Report

Apologies for reposting, but it seems more fitting to place it here.... I am using the built in report in Lansweeper to see which users have which monitors. After some validation, i noticed that laptops that do not have external monitors are not list...

Ethant by Engaged Sweeper
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Assets Used by User

Somewhat new to Lansweeper & one thing I'm looking for is either a canned report (did not see one) or tables needed to build one that keeps a history of users (active/terminated)assets assigned/used by that individual. Simple example below.User: J S...