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Engaged Sweeper II
Morning Folks,

I've got an issue with the built in software reports where I have multiple active workstations that are not appearing on the Software report page, despite having the software installed. I have scanned the assets multiple times, and on the Installed Software tab for the assets the software is listed as installed, and is the correct version. I have even created a report to list the assets that do not the specific software for back checking, and the assets in question are not there.

Any ideas?
Engaged Sweeper II
I've discovered another workstation that contains software that is not showing up on the built-in reports. That makes a total of 3 different pieces of software on at least 3 machines that are not being reported accurately. I'm starting to be afraid of what is really missing from the reports.
Engaged Sweeper II
Thank you Nick, but I'm already running the latest version. The problem still exists.
Champion Sweeper III
We would recommend that you update to version of Lansweeper by following the steps in this knowledge base article. The machines that are not appearing in the report are most likely Windows 10 computers with new builds. When new builds are released for Windows computers they get added to Lansweeper in a future patch. Version has the latest builds for Windows 10 in it.