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Champion Sweeper III
Building a Purchasing system in Lansweeper.
Using the ticketing system in Helpdesk

This is a six-part setup to create a Spiceworks-like experience in Lansweeper using the helpdesk ticketing system. Parts 1-4 are required. Part 5 is optional, but recommended. Part 6 is the reporting code.

Part 1: Adding custom fields to the Helpdesk Ticketing System.
Part 2: Setup the Purchasing ticket workflow.
Part 3: Create your first purchase ticket.
Part 4: Setting up your Purchasing Helpdesk Ticket Panel.
Part 5: Setting up Vendors as assets
Part 6: Reporting:
Champion Sweeper III
I've just finished pulling in the Spiceworks purchases into Lansweeper and attached is my writeup on how to do this. 9 pages in Word with screenshots.

Basically you export from Spiceworks, changing one export field (Total Price for Price) and match those columns to Lansweepers Ticket Import function.

Attached are screenshots of Closed purchases in the "Helpdesk ticketing system", a final Purchasing Dashboard screenshot and a guide to explain the process.
Champion Sweeper III
Adding final document as forum only allows 5 uploads per post.

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