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New Warranty report which includes Device Location

Hi,I am trying to create a report that shows assets that are out of warranty by a set time.  I have modified a previous report that I found to include the Asset Location The Asset location is set here for each asset Sometimes there is an asset which ...

Report.jpg location.jpg Location Missing.jpg

Resolved! Report how many Windows 7 operating systems per department?

Hi all,I'm trying to get Lansweeper to report the following for the quantities of Windows 7 per department (we have over 80 departments)Marketing Department ---- 23 Information Technology --- 12 Shipping ------------------3Customer Service ----------...

GoodGuy by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! SQL Server: Install Date

Hi All,I am wondering of anyone can help create a report showing the install date of a SQL server?I am preparing for a MS audit and would like to see all new SQL servers in our environment. I can sort these by date later in the Excel report. It would...

olipop by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Report Questions

First Name, Last Name, Description, Department, ManagerIf anybody can help me gemerate a report with this information that based on Manager I can email out on a monthy basis through the lansweeper console that would be awesome. I am having problems ...

Resolved! Need help with two separate reports.

Hello,I need assistance in generating two separate reports. The first, showing usernames mapped to the share "Millnet". The full path is was "\\server3\maillnet", and the assigned letter varied. I just need to see each username that was mapped to ...

RTI_IT by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Report With System Product Field

Hello all:We use predominantly Lenovo products and Lansweeper is highly effective in identifying these assets. One field that I would like to include my reporting is located under the SystemProduct, Version table entry, however when I try to add thi...

Resolved! Using HTML Links in Reports

We created some customized reports and use the "hyperlink_hyp" & "hyperlink_name_hyp" in the Report to create the Links.1.Can you create more then 1 Link per Report this way?2. If your link is an internal link i.e to an IP-Location page it opens the ...

peewee by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Asset Count

Hi,Is there any way that i can take the Asset count report by model wise or location wise or asset manufacturer wiselike for example..1.Location1 - 100Location 2 - 200Location 3 - 3002.Thinkpad 230 - 100Thinpas X240 - 1003.Dell - 100Lenovo - 100Hewl...