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Champion Sweeper III
I'm building a report to display Hyper-V Generation, Memory, CPU count and Original Backup Method to recreate a new baseline Hyper-V starting print for restores. However I cannot find any reference to Hyper-V's Generation parameter in the database documentation.

Does anyone know how I can retrieve this value from Lansweeper?
Champion Sweeper III

Thanks @Mister_Nobody 

Interesting, but not what I was looking for. The link references the hosts impact on the VM's.

I was looking for a field that reported back what generation the Hyper-V VM was created under, Gen 1 or Gen 2. I have some VM's that were created under Gen1, even though they could have been a Gen 2 model. Legacy builds that were in place before newer versions were available and can't readily be changed or redone.

I use this info if I have to restore the VM's from bare metal backups. Easy to wipe out the VM and environment and rebuild the Hyper-V bits, then bare metal restore. Faster than fixing a pooched environment in my cases.

Best I've come up with is a custom field called Hyper-V Gen. and use that in my reports.

Honored Sweeper II

You can try to create table with Bios or UEFI Date and assign it with Hyper-V Generation and virtual HW version

Gen1 uses BIOS, Gen2 uses UEFI 

Dates example

Compare Hyper-V virtual Hardware