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Engaged Sweeper
hi there.
i have an question about logon reporting. i have an report from this forum, which shows me the last logon from
a user and on which host the user logged on. so far so good.

my question is: if an user is logged on a computer and the computer goes to sleep or hybernating mode and comes back after
3 hours, counts the system that as an logon event?

sometimes users forget to logoff from the computers before weekend and i want to know, if the report from the weekend shows me " there is an login" is this an system event or does the the computer only shows up an login event, if there is an "real" login

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I'm not really sure. I presume you are reporting on success audits from the event log so that would depend on.

The Last Logon Lansweeper reports on is user that was last logged in during a scan, the login time simply reflects when the scan took place. If you want to accurately track logon times with Lansweeper. Using LsPush with a GP on logon is the best way.