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Engaged Sweeper
This is what I got when adding e.g. all discovered Access versions to software license compliance.

Microsoft Office Access 2003 11.0.8173.0 Microsoft Corporation 67
Microsoft Office Access 2003 11.0.6361.0 Microsoft Corporation 111
Microsoft Office Access 2003 11.0.5614.0 Microsoft Corporation 9

As you can see it based on the build number (different service packs)
Is it possible to modify the report the way I will get only one entry for Access 2003 instead of having one for each version?

Engaged Sweeper
For me it's important this feature plus an option to group software versions with different languages.
For example..

Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Edition 11.0.8173.0 (English)
Microsoft Office 2003 Edição Standard 11.0.8173.0 (Portuguese)

These 2 Office are licensed in my contract independent of the installation language.

BR, Tavares
Lansweeper Alumni
This is currently not possible but will be in the next version (4.0)
You are not the first one asking for this.