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Engaged Sweeper II
Good Morning Sirs,

I’m after some assistance/advise on the report pre-built within Lansweeper called 'Assets: Installed software by computer' if possible.

Due to the sheer amount of records this report shows in full (currently 405902 in our system), when I try to export to excel it crashes the system and will not run and/or export. I need to get the information out in full, as then I have a number of software names/vendors I need to filter the information down by in relation to an external audit request I have to supply information for.

Is there any way to run the report or a version of the report broken down that enables the system to allow the report to export out to excel in several chunks. That I can then group together in one record and run the filtering I need to?

We’ve got a requirement to get this information to the audit by the middle of next week by the latest so any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Rob Crossland-Diskin
Honored Sweeper II
If you're more comfortable working with, and have access to, a third-party reporting tool such as Crystal Reports, there's nothing stopping you from using that. Point it at your LANSweeper SQL server, select the "report" query you want to work with, then design and filter away.
Honored Sweeper II
Some thoughts that come to mind:
  • Copy the query that is the report, create a new report and add your software name/vendor filters to that. Hopefully that will reduce the volume of output to a size that the Excel-format exporter can handle.
  • Try exporting to CSV instead of Excel format, then importing the result to Excel. If it's the Excel-format export code that's having issues, that may circumvent the problem.
  • Create an ODBC entry pointing to your LANSweeper database, then use Access to import from the query. (If you don't know what query you need, run the report in LANSweeper and look at the URL. It'll show "http://.../report.aspx?det=query_name&title=...".) Applying your filters to that may be simpler than trying to do it in Excel. If you're more comfortable working in Excel, copy/paste the results over.