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Engaged Sweeper

To keep it short - I only have one question:

What (custom) reports are you using in your IT department? And therefore why or for what are you using them?

My company uses Lansweeper for several years now but I see that this software is a lot more capable of.

We're only using Lansweeper for "simple" computer and software management. My goal for example is to limit consequences of incidents by using the report function in a more complex way. Later on maybe the software rollout function.

Excuse me for my bad writing/spelling - english is not my mother tongue.

Greetings from Germany
Engaged Sweeper II
We're using splunk to monitor logs of our servers, but don't have all the servers added to splunk for one reason or another. As a stop gap, I've created a report that shows me all the errors in the event logs of my phi servers. I've imported that csv to splunk, which breaks it down into fields that I can work with and even create tickets from if need be.

I've also created a report that shows which vpn users are connected via wireless to their network, so when they call in complaining of slow vpn, the help desk can tell them to pound sand.
Lansweeper Alumni
I'm hoping other users will post some of their favorite reports as well, but you may be interested in some of the reports in our report center and some of the reports posted under Report Requests & Questions. I did add a new report to the report center just now that can help you identify Windows computers that haven't been patched in a while. You can use our database dictionary to search for specific information in the database.