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Engaged Sweeper II
Hello everyone,

I am working on a help desk report. I have created a Ticket Custom field under Helpdesk settings - Ticket Content - Ticket Custom fields.

The Name (label) is "Confidential", the Type is "Yes/No" box with Used "Yes".

I would like for a column to come up in this report that would show if an agent had selected "Yes" to the "Confidental" box in a Column called "Confidential?"

I've tried linking the various htblcustomfields tables but it seems to break the report (for some reason showing WAY more tickets than for the date range select).

Currently, the report as is looks like this

Select Top 1000000 htblusers.department As Department,
htblticket.ticketid As [Ticket ID], As [Date Created], As Agent, As Requester,
htblticket.subject As Subject,
htblnotes.note As Description
From htblticket
Inner Join htblnotes On htblticket.ticketid = htblnotes.ticketid
Inner Join htblusers On htblusers.userid = htblticket.fromuserid
Left Join htblagents On htblagents.agentid = htblticket.agentid
Left Join htblusers htblusers1 On htblusers1.userid = htblagents.userid
Inner Join htblticketstates On htblticketstates.ticketstateid =
Where Between Cast('11-05-2017' As Date) And Cast('11-09-2017'
As Date) And htblticketstates.statename = 'Closed'
Order By Department,
[Ticket ID],
[Date Created]

I would absolutely appreciate any help or if someone can just nudge me in the right direction.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
This topic might help you along a bit:

Just like in that report you will most likely need subqueries.