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Helpdesk Attachments

I am having trouble getting attachments working when they are sent with a ticket request. The files always come up not found, or image cannot be displayed, and if I open the image in a new tab it gives a 404 error.What permissions have I done wrong?

VNC action is not execute by ipaddress

Hi, I am using the UltraVNC Viewer and would like to use it from LANSweeper. I put the vncviewer.exe at the action path of lansweeper$. I add action command line as follows:C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\vncviewer.exe" "{ipaddress}:10203" . When...

eyalg by Engaged Sweeper
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Software Deployment Failures

Will a software deployment fail if any computer on the network does not have the specific software or will it just skip that computer and move along to the others? Also, is there a way to target a specific computer for testing purposes?

nrathbun by Engaged Sweeper
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Helpdesk Report (GROUP/SLA/DEADLINE/etc.)

Good Day,Looking for the following report;Open Helpdesk Tickets highlighting the following;Agent, User, Ticket Num, Assigned SLA, Deadline, State (Open/Hold/etc.)Subject, Last update, Group (Sort By)Hope you can assist,Regards,RB

PKI Authentication

Does Lansweeper support PKI login?

Frazier by Engaged Sweeper II
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Dashboard Config

We are looking to set up two different dashboards to look at different sets of assets as they are managed by different groups, is this possible.

RDizzle by Engaged Sweeper II
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Warranty Scan failes

Hi,we are running LANSWEEPER Version 6.0.19 and we got several warranty Errors with new Computers (Dell). I have created the "Warranty Scan was unsuccesful" Report and got the Error Message:Connection error (elapsed time: 00:01:40.0158417): The opera...

cpauli by Engaged Sweeper
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Find Out What Windows User is Running a Report/Query?

Is it possible to allow for a custom report/query to know who is running/executing it? I would like to create a report that shows all assets that list the Last User as the person running the report. However, when I try to use something like the SYS...