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SLA On Hold function

Is there anyway to stop the SLA timer? i.e. an on hold state. All other helpdesk systems I have worked with have a way to stop the SLA timer when waiting for a response from the user - pending 3rd party and awaiting reply do not seem to stop the SLA ...

Priority or SLA based on OU

Is there anyway currently to assign ticket properties IE High priority or different SLA automatically based on OU? I see that you can create different SLA's based on manually adding users, but I already have groups set up in OU's, so I'd prefer to no...

DaRiste by Engaged Sweeper
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Add text to QR code

I would like the ability to add text to the QR code. We add our district name and phone number, in case it's lost or stolen.We do it now, but it requires us to run the labels through the printer once ahead of time to get it on the label. A setting ...

sullivane by Champion Sweeper III
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Mass edit assets section

In the mass edit feature, there needs to be an asset name that adds to the end of the name.If I replace a lab of 30 computers, I could check them all and add OLD to the end of the names, instead of having to edit each one.

sullivane by Champion Sweeper III
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Deployment Wishlist

The first wish for deployment, I have mentioned before, but am desperate for like a teenage girl is desperate for her cell phone. That's for a step in the deployment that kicks off another deployment. How is this awesome you ask?Example:We are a sc...

sullivane by Champion Sweeper III
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Where comes information for asset fields Contact and Location?

Hi there,I wonder if there comes any information by scanning into these two fields because there is a "lock against scanning" checkbox behind. We think about using these fields but can´t find any information or fields that fill this.For example we wa...

Fossy777 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Policies Applied

Hi!I think that useful information is to know which policies have been applied to a computer. Maybe if we had this information on the page of each computer it would be interesting and useful.Tks!

Last Logon User Not Correct

Most machines that have multiple users that log into those machines are reporting last logon user incorrectly. Users are being seen as logging on at the same time and those times do not correspond to any security log login events.Example:Username Do...

steveg by Engaged Sweeper II
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