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How to reset username/password that lansweeper uses to connect to SQL?

How to reset username/password that lansweeper uses to connect to SQL?I get the following eerors:System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user 'lansweeperuser'. at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlInternalConnection.OnError(SqlException exception...

mform by Engaged Sweeper
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Usernames not showing up properly

I noticed something this morning on a lot of my PCs. It states that the last logged in user was:%25USERNAME%25%USERDOMAIN%I don't know why it is not giving me the proper name of the last user to login. Lansweeper also doesn't appear to be enumerating...

Report of desktops where the computer name doesn't match the username

In my organization we name computers to match the username, however this standard has not always been followed. So I would like to create a report that shows all desktop computers that do not match the username, but I am having some trouble with this...

sjohnson by Engaged Sweeper
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integrate with a helpdesk system

Hi,is it possible to link lansweeper to a helpdesk system, whereby clicking on a computer name in the helpdesk systems opens up a lansweeper webpage with details of the computer?Thanks

Kassim by Engaged Sweeper
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VNC Encryption

Hi,I'm new to Lansweeper and already I see it's a very powerful product. I was wondering about the VNC module. Is it compiled with encryption? I've seen on the Ultra VNC forums that encryption can be added on to an Ultra VNC installation. If the ...

RC415 by Engaged Sweeper
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How do i push a scan on one machine

I Recently setup lansweeper and run my first scan, I have now updated one of the machines with new software and memory - How do i force another scan with lansweeper but just on that one machine???????????Gareth

gareth003 by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows login with IIS 7 on 2008 R2 x64

I am installing Lansweeper 4 on a new server... (have a Lansweeper 3.5 on another server, don't want to upgrade since upgrades usually brakes stuff.)I have tried to use the guide on it does not look the s...

ifm by Champion Sweeper
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