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Exclude PC by Group or OU or Other

There is a small subset of machines I want to exclude from scanning, and I may not be able to remove them from the OUs they are in (complicated AD/GPO structure). Is it possible to exclude certain machines by scanning in any way? I only see to chan...

Installer stalled for hours?

Ran the setup for 4.0 on our premium Lansweeper server, the SQL database is hosted on another server.Setup seems to have stalled at this point and I am unsure if I should kill this or just let it go?? Been running for 4hours against a db of 2.5gb."Se...

SirArion by Engaged Sweeper
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Computers Logged Onto info?

I am looking at a number of users, including myself, and under the 'Computer Logged Onto' section I do not see the results I am expecting. The Logon field shows that I logged on to my machine but the time is off by over two hours and I see similiar t...

SirArion by Engaged Sweeper
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Cannot convert netbiosdomain in errorlog?

What generates these messages in errorlog.txt? Only active scanning was enabled during these times.6/4/2010 7:54:10 AM: Cannot convert netbiosdomain SAXXXX23 The specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted.6/4/2010 7:54:39 AM: Cannot conv...

sebouh by Engaged Sweeper
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Saving Scanning & Cleanup Options

Hi,I am running LANSweeper 4.0.027.I have problems saving "Remove Computers not found in Active Directory"The change is NOT saved.Thank you

jacobsenm by Engaged Sweeper III
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Lansweeper 'permanently delete'

Hi,I was just wondering in the lansweeper configuration utility, under 'computers'. If i use the feature 'Permanently delete selected computers', can i then re-add the computer back in down the track if i want to?Will the computer i delete be ignored...

BenKnox by Engaged Sweeper
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Can't create report with AD Full user name

Hi,I'm trying to create a custom report that lists the Computername as well as the full Username ie. John Doe - by using the tblAdusers.However when I try to run the report the Report Console simply hangs - Does anyone know a solution?Thanks!

lukee20 by Engaged Sweeper
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