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This board contains archived posts from the retired Lansweeper Forum and Insiders Community.

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Scanning problems - Really need some help here.

Hello,I'm new here, but I got some problems about scanning every computer in the company. We got around 120 computers that there have been scanned, and 66 who does'nt got scanned. The setup is the same on every computer. This is the error we keep get...

Is it possible to creat our own Rapport?

Hello, http://img231.yfrog.com/i/unavngivet.jpg/I would like to know if its possible to create/change the rapport?Fx. I would like a rapport for non hp computers

Never scanned OS

Lansweeper detected the computer, but "Never scanned OS"What could be the problem.Some PC with WMI problem has no getting their OS scanned.Please advice.Those with WMI problems, do we need to solve the problem 1 by 1?Is there anything thing that we c...

cmtan by Engaged Sweeper
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Extra info from file scan

Hi All,Is it possible to get extra file information from a file scan, as in product version, product name etc?

zharklm by Engaged Sweeper
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Remote Uninstall utility...

Hi,I've downloaded your remote uninstall utility and am having just a couple of issues.1. Under the custom actions area, I've added a line for Remote Uninstall and put in the UNC of \\servername\share\remoteuninst.exe {computer} but when I try to la...

pfitch by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows Firewall Ports

Hi, Could someone just confirm that the only port the needs opening in windows firewall is 135 TCP?Thanks

Software Search Column display

Is their a way when using the "Search Software", when you click on one of the software titles in the search results, it would display the user name?Right now it displays: Computer / Description / OS / Domain / DateThank You

FA1600 by Engaged Sweeper
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