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Sorting by IP address

Let me first say that 4.0 is a really nice upgrade. Good job!Not really a big deal, but it would nice if it sorted by IP address. On the listings of computers and devices when sorting by IP Address it looks like it sorting by name instead. Thanks,

BSONO by Engaged Sweeper II
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IP Scanning - any way to see how far through...

With http://servername:9524 you can see the Windows PCs that are being scanned / queued.Is there any way to see similar info for IP Scans or to see how far through the list or if it has completed etc?We have a large network - with multiple wans so we...

ccdesktop by Champion Sweeper
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Devices - lots showing as webserver

Hi - testing the new beta and it looks great so far. One thing I have noticed with the device scanning is that several devices are showing as webserver when they are not.Notably we have Nortel Switches which show as webservers and also Windows Mobile...

ccdesktop by Champion Sweeper
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Incorrect data format in 'Recent Changes' - 'Software'

The format date is not applied in the 'Installed' field of 'Recent changes - Software' report. Jpuigvert Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 3.5.7283 Microsoft Corporation 20100113 18/02/2010 Jpuigvert Archivos auxiliares de...

ajmataro by Engaged Sweeper III
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Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX not reporting correct version

I wrote the following query to display all versions of Adobe Flash Player that are not the latest version:SELECT dbo.tblADComputers.Computername, dbo.tblADComputers.OperatingSystem, dbo.tblADComputers.OU, Query.Software, Query.VersionFROM dbo...

sebouh by Engaged Sweeper
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How to edit a field in the AllDomain default report?

Hey, first off, love the product...but I'd like to edit the main "All Domain" computers report: lose the processor info, and add logged in username. When I go to edit the it-alldomain.aspx file, i took out the processor string and added this stri...

jjowers by Engaged Sweeper
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