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Engaged Sweeper
I downloaded 5044 and took a vm snap of our Lansweeper 4.2 machine. After three failed upgrade attempts, I gave up. 4.2 was running on an older 2003 Std Svr. I deployed a W2008 R2 64 bit server and did a fresh install of version 5.

First, I had a WOW moment. I really like the changes and we're enjoying all the new look, feel and features. Thanks!

The Help Desk put a lot of work into the prior database with almost all custom fields used and filled in. We'd like to upgrade that DB to this version to retain all or our custom actions, reports and especially the custom fields. Do you have any instructions on porting this DB or at least those tables over? Admittedly, I am far from a DBA.

BTW, both of these servers are using the inckuded SQL lite from Lansweeper.


Engaged Sweeper
And a final note... with the latest build, I was able to move the now-upgraded DB and config over to the new 2008 server with all actions and fields complete. Updated SQL with the KB scripts for the security and server name, updated the {actionpath} and we're back in business.

Thanks for providing a lot of great self-help here in the KB. It is greatly appreciated!

Engaged Sweeper
Just wanted to update you on this. I was able to finally finish the upgrade. The issue that halted the web services was another web site on the same server that wasn't ASP .NET 4.0 compatible. After moving this to a 2.0 server and then setting IIS to run 4.0 on all sites, the install was a success and the system is now scanning.

I still want to move this configuration and database over to the new 2008 R2 64 bit server once scanning is complete. But that should be an easy task with both running v.5049 and then I can shut down the 2003 32 bit server.

Thanks again for a great product! We're really enjoying all the new features and the new look!

Lansweeper Alumni
Could you clarify what you mean by "SQL lite". Lansweeper 5.0 only supports SQL Server and SQL Compact. Lansweeper 4.2 only supports SQL Server.

There is no way to upgrade your database without upgrading all Lansweeper components: database, service and website. Could you clarify what went wrong when you previously attempted the upgrade? We recommend that you:
- Make sure you have a backup of your 4.2 database.
- Upgrade to 5.0 by following the instructions on page 164 and beyond of our online documentation.
- If you run into any issues, contact us at and provide us with any install logs present in Program Files (x86)/Lansweeper/Install and the Errorlog.txt file present in Program Files (x86)/Lansweeper/Service.