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Engaged Sweeper
Someone must have gotten on my lansweeper server and deleted the shortcut to the Lansweeper Configuration. I assume it's run by executing one of the EXEs with a switch. Can someone tell me what that is?

I was going to just update from service version to to get the shortcut back, but the option to upgrade with the latest installer is greyed out. It says I already have the latest version, so no upgrade is necessary. I would love a way to get around this as well, because I'm eager to try out the new Cisco phone scanning.

Engaged Sweeper
Wow! That's exactly what happened. We switched from Sophos to trend not too long ago. Thank you for the extremely fast and accurate assistance!
Lansweeper Alumni
The configuration console executable (lsmanage.exe) should be located in Program Files\Lansweeper\GUIConsole.

Do you happen to have Trend Micro anti-virus software installed? We’ve received reports from some customers that this software mislabels the Lansweeper configuration console as a threat and subsequently deletes it. If this has happened in your case, you will have to add the Lansweeper files to the anti-virus software’s whitelist.

To get the configuration console back, do the following:
- Run the Lansweeper installer again.
- Choose New Installation\Advanced Install.
- Select only the Lansweeper service for re-installation.

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