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Engaged Sweeper II
Dear Lansweeper Team

I am having a problem with the new Lansweeper Helpdesk.

My Helpdesk Agent under configuration --> User Access and Roles --> User Roles is in the Usergroup "Administrator", which is created by myself and which has full rights on every permissions.

My Helpdesk Agent is in the Agentteam "Support". I can move Tickets from my Agentteam to other Ticket Types and Agent Teams, but when I try to assign a ticket from another type and team to my agent team, it doesn't work and it says "No permission to change team". This, even though i have the permission "Allow full access to all tickets regardless of team or type".

What am I doing wrong?

If i assign myself to the agentteam of the other ticket, it works of course. But as a Administrator I need to alter every Ticket's Type, and I don't want to be in every Agent Team, would have to many notifications...

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,